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... the process of painting for me is about capturing light and the essence of the subject, telling it's story and creating different moods with light. It's difficult to separate one from the other. Come and paint along with me in a wide variety of online art classes and I'll show you how I do it...

Like most artists, the studio is where creative ideas are explored and develop into something special. I surround myself with things that inspire me... you'll find all kinds of photographs, textures, beads, props, and fabrics displayed here. Besides the studio, I also have one room I call My Creative Space. I go in there to think and think some more! It's right next to my studio and is filled with colors, textures and pure lovliness! I get excited when I enter this room. My grand babies eyes light up like stars when they go to, "look but no touch...right Grammy?"

Color Inspiration with exotic textures Still Life Props - Neadeen's Art Studio Blue Fabrics Beads and colors Textur Inspiration
In the art studio with Neadeen Masters Color In the Art Studio - Inspiration  for Neadeen Masters Color and Texture Inspiration Beads for color Inspiration Still Life Teaching Props

Filming Online Classes

My classes are filmed and edited in my studio, then uploaded into the different virtual classrooms on our school website. Students have unlimited access to class materials as our online classes never expire. Preparing a class for filming is a process. From Inspiration to planning, painting and filming, editing and uploading...throw in the needs of family, home, business and life in general...well you get my drift! It's a fun process none the less.

Filming one of the subjects for an online painting class

During filming, the camera is located right over my shoulder. (See on the far left of this image) This way students are able to watch the actual painting steps at close range.

Besides in-depth videos of the complete painting process, I write extensive and detailed, step by step written instructions to go along with step by step photographs that accompany the classroom videos.

Students have unlimited access to the class materials. Our online classes never expire.


Planning the content for a class is often based on my own experiences and how I learned to paint a wide variety of subjects. The approach is often analytical, stressing the whys and hows of painting. I believe learning to paint is about building strong foundational skills that last forever. An artist needs to learn more than just technique, or how to paint one specific object...They need to understand how and why what they do works. This way they can do it again and again with confidence.

Observational skills are very important. Getting to know the subject is a key for success. I enjoy people watching as much as I enjoy sitting on a beach staring at waves. Looking for detail and studying the anatomy of the subject is where the learning starts. Being able to understand the physical make up of the subject helps us make a connection between between the art and the subject. I try to impart this as I explain during the step by step painting process.

How to Paint Turtles with Neadeen Masters - Online Painting Lessons

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Acrylic - Marine Life - Sea Turtles and Reef Fish - Visit this link to read the full description for this online marine life painting class.

How to Paint Sea Turtles - Acrylic Painting Techniques - Underwater light patterns

Learn how to paint Reef Fish and Green Sea Turtles

What Media Do I use? Acrylic, Oil and Watercolor ...To Paint Is To Love Them All

I first began painting with oils and then acrylics, but that was back in the 60's when acrylics were really new and quite different than they are today! I also play with watercolor and love the freedom this media allows. Each has it's own purpose and personality and I've come to love them all. For several years I painted exclusively with acrylics. The kind of teaching work I was doing at the time was a better fit for working with acrylics. In more recent years I've returned to oils and watercolor for personal painting, adding them back to my palette. I'm beginning to teach with them once again. I'm really a happy painter regardless of the media! The flexibility to move from one to the other is simply wonderful!

Learn to Paint with watercolors

Here I am painting a watercolor while on a photography trip through southern France in 2013. Couldn't resist the urge to paint this beautiful piece of French Pottery.

Watercolor Painting with Neadeen Masters

"Squint! Squint! Squint! – this helps remove the clutter and helps seeing the overall shapes of light and dark"

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