What Subjects Do I Paint?

Hmmmm? That's Always A Good Question...No subject is off limits to me. I simply just love to paint...Period. I paint Seascapes, Underwater subjects, Wildlife, Still Life, Landscapes, Birds, Flowers and so much more...It just depends on the mood I'm in! Most times color and light are the deciding factor...I'm really inspired by light effects and how it plays on color.

Here's one of the subjects I love to paint and teach in my online painting lessons...How to Paint Wildlife and Animal Fur. I absolutely love rendering the detailed textures of realistic fur. Describing the softness, the subtle movement, the length or the colors of animal fur is facinating to me. I really enjoy the process of painting it. After many years of painting animals, I created an indepth study class where I go into lots of detail sharing the nuances and characteristics of painting fur. This is a very popular class.
How to Paint Animal Fur with  Neadeen Masters - Online Painting Lessons at Art Apprentice Online

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Wildlife Painting - The Technical Basics for Painting Animal Fur - Visit this link to read the full description for this wildlife online painting class.

Neadeen's Art Studio In Kelowna, BC Canada - Filming for an online painting class

Learn how to paint realistic animal fur for wildlife painting - Online Painting Lessons with Neadeen Masters

Here's another of the subjects I love to paint and teach...How to Paint Seascapes and Waves. Since I grew up on a Caribbean Island, salt water runs in my blood.

My husband and kids and I did a lot of sailing over the years. Studying the open ocean, breaking waves and shore lines was an added bonus for me. I also teach this as an indepth class where I share the important characteristics of painting seascapes and breaking waves.
How to Paint Waves and Seascapes with Neadeen Masters

How to Paint Breaking Waves with step by step Instruction by Neadeen Masters

Online Art Class - How to Paint Seascapes and Waves

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Acrylic - Painting Seascapes and Waves - Visit this link to read the full description for this online painting class.


What Other Subjects Do I Paint?

Still Life, Landscapes, Birds, Flowers and so much more...

Palette Knife Painting with Neadeen Masters Golden Jars Still Life by Neadeen Masters Glamour Shot by Neadeen Masters Palette Knife Painting  - Spanish Arches by Neadeen Masters

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